Bdd 2016 updating deploy point zti

Unless you specify in MDT to look for a WSUS server, you’re going to be pulling from Microsoft’s Windows Update servers.As far as speeding this up, yes, you could inject the post Win7 SP1 hotfix rollup from Microsoft or better yet, get a WSUS server setup.Office 2010 (64bit) See Also: is it better to let a task sequence install software instead of including it on the image to start with?

So ask yourself: Do you want to build a whole new image just because of this or would it be easier to just go into MDT and copy three new msi files to the apps directory in the share?Info on the Hot Fix Rollup: Add a step in the task sequence to install the latest version of IE BEFORE patching starts.This really helps because that way you’re not upgrading to IE 9, patching and then upgrading to 10, patching, and then upgrading to 11, and yes, then doing more patching.With that being said, if you’re pulling the image from 1 PC, don’t expect to do more than half a dozen at a time before the whole system starts to choke.Get WDS and Multicast working from a real server if you plan on cooking 50 some tablets at once.

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